Affordable Back & Body Werks
Therapeutic and Medical Massage

Benefits of Alternative Therapies

  • Alleviates problem conditions: muscular tension & aches; tension headaches; muscular back pain; poor circulation; stress & anxiety.
  • Support your fitness or sports program: relieves tired & sore muscles; improves flexibility; speeds recovery.
  • Relieve the effects of stress: triggers the relaxation response; normalizes blocked energy flow; 
  • Combat the Negative effects of aging: enhances tissue elasticity & joint flexibility; improves immune system functioning; promotes healthy vibrant skin.
  • Special Cases: pregnancy/mothers-to-be, infants, developmentally challenged; disabled, orthopedic conditions; elderly.
  • Complements other health care: physical & occupational therapy; chiropractic; psychotherapy;

...and much, much more...